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Application PeoriaCon®   2024

Type of Event

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Terms and Conditions

1. I understand and agree that I and anyone  I am responsible for that participates or spectates the event I applied for or  operate,  are operating under their own  insurance policy which will cover  injury and or damages to individuals or property and have proof of insurance if necessary.

2. In the event of any disagreement that may occur, I understand and agree that the Show Management 's decision  would be final.

3. In the case of a deposit being made, and for any reason I cannot attend, or exhibit at the above event, I understand  and agree that Show Management may at their discretion  refund the deposit or any portion there of, or may apply it to a future show or withhold any refund at all .

4. I agree that I am responsible for any damage that I may cause to the venue.

5. I agree to hold PeoriaCon®  and it’s associates harmless for any acts of God for conditions which are not controllable by them.  

6.  I understand and agree that  PeoriaCon® has a no soliciting policy for trade show holders and their associates. PeoriaCon® holds the right to remove violators of this policy with no refunds at their discretion.

8. I agree and understand that I am fully authorized to operate a business in the State of Illinois.

9. I agree and understand and I accept  full responsibility for any  sales tax which may be due to the City or State and agree that I can produce a valid Sale Tax  ID number if required .  

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