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Ethics & Conduct

You will be immediately removed from the premises without refund for the following violations:

  • Violation of any state, federal, local laws, and event facility rules or policies

  • Failure to comply with the instructions of PeoriaCon® Staff

  • Cheating or Stealing

  • Soliciting

  • Harassing of others. This includes but is not limited to sexual harassment, disability, appearance, race, religion, or political affiliation.  

  • Threatening, causing harm or destruction to another person or their property

  • Endangering the safety of others or self

* If you see any of these violations, please report it immediately to the Show Office.

* Criminal charges can also be applied to some of the violations if necessary.

Costumes & Weapons

No functional weapons allowed. Costume weapons are allowed, subject to approval by the Cosplay Clerk. Please check that your costume weapon complies with the following:

  • Inspected at the point of entry. 

  • Conform to state and federal law.

  • Projectiles rendered inoperable.

  • Swords must be peace bond to your costume so that they can’t be drawn.

  • This is a family friendly convention. please ensure that your cosplay is deemed appropriate.

  • No modern military uniform, official uniform or public service uniform (i.e. police officer, fire fighter, etc).


Event Cancellations

If an event has been cancelled, please see the Event Coordinator. No refunds will be given for cancelled events without approval by the Event Coordinator. Convention tickets will not be refunded due to event cancellations.

Use of Name and Likeness

By attending PeoriaCon®, your photograph, video performance, audio (or the likeness of), may be distributed, broadcast, or advertised in connection with the Convention and participants waive all proprietary rights thereto, releasing and holding PeoriaCon® harmless. 

PeoriaCon® reserves the right to change or modify any policy or rule at any time and without notice.

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