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Applying for a FREE booth or EXHIBIT space does not ensure space allocation. All contracts will undergo review before space is granted. Vendors granted space must contribute by performing a task that enhances the entertainment value for our guests. Each agreement is specific to a single space with one vendor.

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Terms and Conditions

1. I understand and agree That I have insurance policy which will cover my Booth/space area and have proof of insurance if necessary.

2. I agree and understand that I am fully authorized to operate a business in the State of Illinois.

3. I agree that I am responsible for any damage that I may cause to the venue.

4. I agree and understand and I accept  full responsibility for any  sale tax which may be due to the City or State and I can produce a valid Sale Tax  ID number if required .  

5. In the event of any disagreement that may occur I understand and agree that Show Management decision  would be final.

6. In the case of a deposit being made and for any reason I cannot attend or exhibit at the above event I understand  and agree that show management may at their discretion . Refund the deposit or portion there of, apply it to a future show or withhold any refund at all .

7. I agree to hold the PeoriaCon®  and it’s associates harmless for any acts of God or conditions which are not controllable by them.  

8. I understand and agree that on the exhibit floor would you prefer to be located in order of preference? (However final placement of your booth and/or table is at PeoriaCon® sole and absolute discretion but we try to accommodate your wishes).

9.  I understand and agree That  PeoriaCon® has a no soliciting policy for trade show holders and their associates. PeoriaCon® holds the right to remove violators of this policy with no refunds at their discretion.

for help on Illinois state tax Law go to

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