If you are looking to reach a broader audience for your Gaming Gear, Loot, Art, and Wardrobe this is where it all starts. All you need now is an Exhibitor Space! Sign up for a spot and the advertising that comes with it. We invite you to hang your banners proudly and get your brand out there to the wider and more diverse group that attends this event. Please read the section below for information on reserving a space. If this is a fit for your business, download our contract and send the signed and completed form back to us as soon as possible. Space is limited. PeoriaCon® is looking forward to seeing you there!

Click the "Contract" below to be a part of the upcoming show. After you have filled out and signed your contract, e-mail it back to us right away to ensure your space.

The layout is shown below and is subject to change as we grow.

 Exhibit Space Information

  • Standard 8 x 8' Exhibit Space, includes the following

    • $$$$ per Exhibit Space

    • One exhibitor badges

    • One 8' x 33" table

    • One chair

    •  1 plastic table cover

  • Prime 20' x 8' Location, includes the following

    • $$$$$ per Exhibit Space

    • Premium location in front of the entrance doors.

    • Two exhibitor badges

    • Three 8' x 33" tables

    • Two chairs

    • Three plastic table covers



  • Electrical drop for Exhibit Space $30.00

  • Exhibitors can purchase up to three additional exhibitor badges at $3.00 per badge.

  • Banner Fees are $20.00 to hang each banner in the exhibit hall.

  • Additional table rentals are $25.00

    • It is a $25.00 charge for each additional table in your Exhibit Space, beyond what the space normally would carry. All additional tables have to be rented from from us you may not bring your own tables.

  • To be eligible for attendance, Exhibitors must provide a valid Retail Sales​ Tax Number.

  • Signing the Vendor Contract to participate as an Exhibitor and paying a 50% non-refundable deposit, guarantees a space or spaces and the agreed upon amenities stipulated within the Contract.

Sponsorship & Marketing

Contact Jason@PeoriaCon.com for Questions and Pricing!

Premium Sponsorship:​​

  • Premium Logo placement on peoriacon.com

  • Marketing posts on PeoriaCon®'Facebook page

  • 15% Discount on Exhibit Hall spaces

  • 6-Exhibitor Badges 

  • give away tickets to PeoriaCon®


Basic Sponsorship:

  • Logo placement on peoriacon.com

  • Marketing posts on PeoriaCon®'s Facebook page

  • give away tickets to PeoriaCon®

Table Top Sponsorship:

  • Logo placement on peoriacon.com

  • Logo placement on Custom Gametables Mat

  • Marketing posts on PeoriaCon®'s Facebook page

  • give away tickets to PeoriaCon®

Media Partnership:

  • While not requiring a cash sponsorship, relevant marketing trade must be met for qualification. All partnerships are subject to PeoriaCon®’s sole discretion.

  • Media Partner agreements are determined on a one to one basis to ensure mutual benefit.


If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, sponsor or have a related question please email us.

for help on Illinois state tax Law go to



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